Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gluten Free Menu Plan 05/11/14

Last week some of our plans got changed around. Things happen, you know? So as a result I have some things in the fridge that didn't get used last week, and need to be used asap. I'm also on a meatball kick lately. I love how versatile ground turkey can be, so I've made a couple of different things with that.  I haven't really changed up my breakfasts much this week, because I'm happy with what I've been eating.


-Hard boiled eggs
-BLAT wraps: Romaine leaves stuffed with bacon, tomato, and avocado slices


-Turkey-apple-bacon sliders with mixed greens and balsamic dressing
-Mediterranean turkey meatballs over mixed greens with roasted garlic dressing


-Grilled turkey-apple-bacon sliders with baked sweet potatoes and sauteed kale
-Chinese Crispy Beef with roasted broccoli and steamed rice
-Braised chicken and mushrooms with peas and mashed cauliflower
-Bunless burgers topped with fried egg and avocado, French fries, and salads
-Grilled chicken with a smokey tomato marinade, grilled zucchini, and roasted baby red potatoes
-Grilled steaks with broccoli-cheddar quinoa cakes, and a salad of Brussels sprouts, bacon, apple, fennel, Parmesan cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and a lemony vinaigrette.

-Fruit: Bananas, cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, apples
-Cheese sticks
-Celery and peanut butter
-Hard boiled eggs

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