Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gluten Free Menu Plan 05/04/14

I've been gluten free for about seven weeks now, and I'm loving it! One thing I have noticed is that when I go on Pinterest and search "Gluten free" I get a lot of foods that are modified from a wheat flour recipe to something made with GF ingredients. That's not really what I have in mind for my diet. I'm usually just looking for new ideas for foods that don't really need modifications. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do modify things, but mostly I'm interested in eating "clean" and working with foods the way they are.

I have also seen some blogs post weekly GF meal plans, but their plans aren't really the kind of foods I like to eat. With that in mind I thought that maybe some people would be interested in my meal ideas. So far my breakfasts and lunches have been pretty much the same things...eggs and leftovers. This week I have come up with a few other ideas for those meals as well.


-Hard boiled eggs and hot Italian sausages
-BLAT wraps: Romaine leaves stuffed with bacon, tomatoes, and avocado slices
-Overnight oats. I like to use GF rolled oats, chocolate chips, almond slivers, and shaved coconut, with either organic cow's milk or almond milk.


-Chicken Caesar salad
-Tuna melt over tomato slices
-Chicken-apple-bacon meatballs over mixed salad greens with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Here  is the original recipe. I found this way too wet, so I added some flax meal and GF panko. The flax added a really nice, nutty flavor. I'll post my version of this some time in the next couple of weeks.
-Grilled chicken over a salad of spinach, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and red onion, with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinners: We only make six dinners per week since I do yoga one night per week. On that evening we have leftovers or make something for ourselves.

-Simple Roasted whole chicken, with roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and green beans.
-Chicken and black bean stuffed poblano peppers. This is the recipe I am using as inspiration.
-Italian beef meatballs with fresh mozzarella over spaghetti squash with Caesar salads.
-Chicken and apple sausage (Aidell's brand) with baked sweet potatoes and sauteed kale.
-Cornmeal and lemon pepper crusted tilapia with roasted baby red potatoes and asparagus. (I know tilapia really isn't "clean", but it's something my husband really likes. I only make tilapia once every two weeks at most.)
-I haven't decided on the last meal yet. We are having guests over for dinner and I'd like to make something special with fresh ingredients.

-Red seedless grapes
-Rice cake with peanut butter or avocado
-Apple and peanut butter
-Celery and peanut butter
-Cheese sticks

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